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at work

Take the 'Bowl not Biscuit' challenge - Eat in Colour at Work!

It’s not always easy to enjoy a healthy diet when we are busy at work, but whether it’s on the factory or shop floor, in the office or on the road, fruit and vegetables are the quick and easy route to healthy eating in the workplace.

Fruit and vegetables make ideal tea break snacks and liven up a dreary lunchbox, so make them part of your everyday routine. Pop an apple or a banana in your briefcase, tool box or handbag. A daily dose of fruit and vegetables will keep you alert and efficient, energised throughout your shift and feeling great when you get off work. And if you’re fit and healthy that means less sick days, which goes down well with the boss!

at work

Why not take the Bowl not Biscuit Challenge? Swap your usual tea break biscuits and chocolate bars for a piece of fruit or a handful of celery or carrot sticks for a month and see how you feel.

As part of our campaign to get the nation enjoying more fruit and vegetables we’ve created some top tips on Eating in Colour at work and a tool box full of recommendations, so whatever your job you shouldn’t find reaching for the fruit bowl rather than the biscuit barrel hard labour.

see our top tips download the bowl not buiscuit tool box

We are also inviting employers to sign up to the Eat in Colour Charter – a simple pledge to make it easy for every colleague to enjoy fruit and vegetables, whether they work in the board room or the post room.

view our employers guide

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