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Top Tips for taking the Bowl not Biscuit challenge
top tip

Plan ahead

Plan your work snacks and lunches in advance. If you can’t easily buy fruit and vegetables during work hours, buy enough at the weekend so that you have plenty of healthy snacks to maintain energy levels throughout Monday to Friday. Why not have a fruit bowl next to your desk or workstation?

top tip

Get into the habit

We all know how easy it is to get into the rut of eating less healthy snacks and meal options, so it’s important to establish a routine both inside and outside the workplace focusing on what you eat. Eating a couple of portions of fruit or vegetables at every meal is a great habit to pick up…and it’s really easy.

top tip

Tuck in as a team

A critical element! Encourage your work mates to Eat in Colour too and remind each other to choose the healthy option when it comes to your tea break. You could share a fruit bowl or punnet between you, and you could swap easy recipes.

top tip

Taste test

To avoid boredom and keep the challenge exciting try to introduce new fruit and vegetables to your tastebuds. Try something new every week; there are so many fruits and vegetables to choose from.

top tip

Let’s be realistic

Don’t beat yourself up if you do ‘accidentally’ eat a bar of chocolate. It’s not the end of the world and sometimes nothing else will do. Just make sure you offset it by choosing a portion of fruit or vegetables when you next feel the urge.

top tip

Give yourself a bonus

If you manage to Eat in Colour at work all week, treat yourself at the weekend. Whether you buy that dress or go for a pint, you deserve it!


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