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Welcome to Eat In Colour On Your sleeve!

This page is dedicated to Beaver Scouts across the country to help them learn all about healthy eating and to have some fun too, by getting their brand new Eat in Colour Healthy Eating Badge.

Want to know Beaver Scouts need to do in order to get their badge? Click on the button below to get your colourful activity pack featuring key tasks, plus loads of great healthy eating tips and more about me... Professor Sandwich!


We would love to see your photos, pictures and drawings of Beavers in your Colony getting their Eat in Colour Healthy Eating badges. Why don’t you send a photo of you all enjoying some of the scrummy snacks you’ve made, or of your Colony with your new badges sewn on, or even a painting of your favourite fruit and veg? The best pictures will be uploaded onto this page and could even win you and your Colony a prize.

The 5th Beaver Colony of Southend-on-Sea celebrate receiving their Healthy Eating badges

Email Us your photos to us or send them in the post to:

Eat In Colour Beavers
Fresh Produce Consortium (UK)
Minerva House
Minerva Business Park
Lynch Wood

Remember to ask an adult for a stamp before you put the letter in the post box.


Why don’t you take a look at the Recipe Wheel? Choose your favourite colour from the Wheel and see how many tasty fruit and vegetables are the same colour. Are there any you haven’t heard of? Which ones would you like to try? Why not see if you can find them next time you visit the supermarket?


get your activity pack
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