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Can top celebrity chefs pass the Beaver Scouts’ fruit and veg test?

Five of the country’s top celebrity chefs have picked up a tip or two by following in the footsteps of some unlikely young teachers.

Nearly half of Britain’s 100,000 Beaver Scouts have already earned the organisation’s Healthy Eating badge, sponsored by the Eat in Colour campaign. But now Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Martin Blunos, Brian Turner, Sophie Grigson and Rachel Green have completed the challenge to raise awareness of the importance of including fruit and veg in our diets.

To gain their Healthy Eating badge, the chefs had to undertake the very same activities as the Beaver Scouts. To show they have a good understanding of just what makes for a healthy diet they prepared a fruit salad, created a healthy snack, designed a nutritious sandwich and listed a selection of unhealthy foods. As you’d expect their work came up to scratch and they have joined the 42,000 Beavers who have already earned the right to wear the Eat in Colour healthy eating badge on their sleeve.

And it seems many of these children are using their new found knowledge in their everyday lives, as a survey of colonies who have completed the award reveals that two thirds are now eating more than the national average of fruit and veg*.

Eat in Colour chairman Anthony Levy says: “With child obesity levels at an all time high it’s very encouraging that the badge is proving so popular and goes to show that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet is child’s play.

"The support from these chefs will give the badge an extra boost as Eat in Colour’s aim this year is to achieve 100% take-up of the badge. "

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Martin Blunos Brian Turner Sophie Grigson Rachel Green
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